Hello and welcome. This blog is dedicated to appreciating the work of the amazing six-piece from Norway named Team Me.
Have fun :)

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topp stemning

[ENG SUB] Team Me Studio Report 1

Hi! My name is Khao/Rachel and from now on I’ll be in charge of subtitling Team Me videos (with the help of haxie). I normally float around here if you want to talk or request a video. Thanks! 

simenskari Nå går julegrana og tiur’n

simenschi Vocal session

teammeband The band. #giftfromfan

teammeband The bounty hunters #bobafett #starwars #austin #sxsw

teammeband Happy dude in New York. #arp2600 #r2d2 #starwars

teammeband Final adjustments @ propeller recordings. Marius and Mike celebrating easter. #newalbum

teammeband Looooong way to Andenes

teammeband Andenes!!!

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